Sometimes he's a beast. Can Bree tame him?

Sometimes he’s a beast. Can Bree tame him?

After animal sanctuary director Bree is mysteriously attacked, she becomes obsessed with her rescuer, the enigmatic Griffin Lancaster.

Bree’s cooperation is key to preserving Griff’s family legacy, and his skills are necessary to maintain the sanctuary’s viability.

While Griff lives on borrowed time, he must fight an internal battle between his desire for Bree, and his determination to protect her from the evil that’s a part of him.

Their attraction to each other becomes irresistible as their paths continue to cross. To save Bree, Griff cruelly rejects her advances.

Bree nearly destroys herself before Griff rescues her once again, only this time she won’t let him escape. Bree must find a way to change Griff’s destiny because losing him again is unthinkable.

Bree discovers the truth Griff doesn’t want her to know: Saving him is possible. If she’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

There’s no way either can survive without the other.

Or is there?

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