Sunflowers in Summer, Part 1

If you read White Roses in Winter, you may recall Tiffany Preston, Kerrie's back-stabbing frenemy who takes a fall. I love redemption stories, and I'd like to give Tiffany one…

If You Stay

If You Stayis Joy's story. Joy is Devonny's mother from Book One, If You Knew. Joy confesses to Devonny that she left her hometown 25 years ago with Devonny's father,…
A Writer With ADD

A Writer With ADD

Welcome to the unplanned career of a disorganized (but talented) 😊 writer with ADD who makes laughable promises to herself (“As God is my witness, I will post on social media no less than three times a week”) and wonders how she ever managed to publish twenty or so books in the first place.