Bathtubs, Part III

Bathtubs, Part III

Bathtubs. Then came the day when we had to consider tile, wall and faucet. We had three of the original tiles on hand. We had twenty square feet that needed to be tiled. Hank sent me to Floor Décor and I found tile that almost but not quite matched. But most of it would be covered by the bathtub and who was going to notice that it didn’t match? Who would ever even see it except us? I came back with $50 worth of tile.

Tile down; beadboard up!

freestanding faucet

Faucet I wanted

Then I had to pick out a freestanding faucet. The one I liked with the LED color-changer based on the temperature of the water wasn’t available until December 10th.

freestanding bathroom faucet

Faucet I got

Of course we needed it way before then, so I went with my second choice available in two days via Hank’s Amazon Prime account.

bathroom remodel

Tile done; beadboard painted!

To finish the wall I chose inexpensive bead board. I already have it on my kitchen island and I like it.

Hank got to work laying tile and finishing the wall. (Notice the ledge on the right is gone.) I am so thrilled that the garden tub is gone and this is finished so nicely, if I don’t get my tub, I’d figure out an alternative use and I could be happy with the extra space.

And my light! Let’s not forget about my light. There was an awkward combination electrical outlet plus cable (?) outlet high on the wall behind the tub. (Forgot the before pic of that. Trust me, it was ugly.) I found this light on sale at Lowe’s for $30.

adjustable light

Light courtesy of Lowe’s


It’s meant to use on a ceiling, but it works perfectly and the lights are adjustable. Because I plan on reading while soaking.

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  1. Great choices,can’t wait to we it😇

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