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StillLife_EPUB copyGive a warm welcome to my fellow Samhain author DB Kennison as she joins the Barb’s Writer Friends circle today to tell us about herself and her new release STILL LIFE. STILL LIFE releases August 11th and is on sale now at Samhain Publishing and all other book retailers.

Someone just gave you the best compliment ever. What was it?

It would have to be that I’m a great listener. In fact, people tell me this all the time. I think it’s because I’m empathetic and have a deep seeded desire to help people, even if it’s just to be a sounding board. When people speak they want to know that they’ve been heard. Plus, as an observer of human behavior (and what writer isn’t?), you can learn a lot about people by listening. The human psyche is layers thick and endlessly fascinating, and there’s no better way to glimpse that, than by talking to people.

You have no choice but to live your life from now on as one of your characters. Which character is it and why?

Great question! Hmmm, let’s see….

There’s Randi Lassiter, realtor by day, private investigator by night? No. I would want to give up the bread and butter business of real estate and go for the PI thing full time, which is way more exciting but not very lucrative in a small town. In real life, I’d be forced to conduct the mundane work of process serving and background checks. Bleh!

Then there’s the elegant Sarah Redding, attorney extraordinaire? No. She’s just too sophisticated for me to be comfortable in her world. Sadly, I am not the refined, genteel type (not for lack of trying—give me some credit *wink). I’m the bull in the china shop kind of gal—racing through life—breakables be damned!

That leaves the eccentric CJ Daniels, quirky friend and assistant extraordinaire. I can only imagine what life would be like as CJ. She is fearless, saying and doing whatever she chooses, including the occasional filthy tirade in German. There’s no doubt life from here on out would be one big adventure!

You can never write another work of fiction. What will you do instead?

If I couldn’t write fiction and push all the crazy thoughts in my head out onto paper, I’d find another way to let my creativity out. I’m an artistic soul and constantly making something, whether it’s painting, sculpting, jewelry design, whatever…my hubby and I even make custom wood furniture now and then. For me the creativity thing feels like an addiction—I have tried to stop, but I can’t.

You get a month off from your regular personal life and writing routine. You can spend it doing which of the following? Feel free to elaborate.

Traveling (duh!). But not necessarily the comfortable travel that comes with luxury accommodations. My hubby and I are trying to put together a backpacking trip across the Continental Divide next summer—a trek that we’d squish into two weeks at best. It would be the trip of a lifetime if we had a whole month to do it. Not to mention easier on the body if we could take a leisurely pace. Of course, I would be writing along the way, or at least taking notes—they’d just be done with pen and paper instead of my laptop.

You get one do-over from your life so far. What is it?

Strangely enough, I know I’d be living a vastly altered life if I’d made different decisions when I was younger. Missteps, errors in judgment, and immaturity marked my path with obstacles and yes, there were times of struggle and heartbreak along the way.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the process. Well, except for the crack in my skull from that inverted stripper pole incident… Just kidding. I was never talented enough to be a stripper!

But all joking aside, tempting as it would be to go back and do-over something in my life, I couldn’t possibly choose. There are simply too many forks in that crooked road to pick one over another. Whatever choices I made, burdens I carried or tears I shed, I can live with. After all, they’ve made me who I am today and I like me.

Author Bio:

11755722_933788433352367_8737128041871779699_nDB Kennison was born and raised in Colorado where some of her fondest memories took place with a book tightly fisted in her hands.  

Now she lives in Wisconsin–the badger state, where she fell in love with small town life, good beer, and great cheese. She currently lives in the middle of nowhere with her handsome, supportive husband, and three spoiled dachshunds, which vie for position as daily muse.  

She has an ever changing, vivid imagination—one that is, at times, hard to turn off—and is constantly weaving tales in her mind. Now, she’s putting them down on paper. What an adventure!

An Excerpt from STILL LIFE:StillLife_EPUB copy

Randi gave the guy the once over. He wasn’t bad looking if you liked that unkempt, disheveled kind of guy. But the way he looked at her was unsettling. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise along with the creeping spread of a blush.

Nosey bastard! This was a café for Christ’s sake, not a bar. And there had been a tragedy here tonight. She shot him a patronizing smile. “We’re sharing a private moment.”

He didn’t move. “It’s strange you gals seem to be having such a fun time considering the circumstances. Maybe you can explain that to me.”

What the hell was this guy’s problem? What kind of idiot would pick this particular time to hit on a woman? Just another ball-scratching egomaniac on another Sunday. And he obviously did not recognize a brush off when he heard one.

Frustrated that she was still stuck in the diner, needing to shower and to get the hell out of the constricting uniform, this guy’s attitude had pushed her over the edge.

She spoke in slow, carefully chosen words that he could understand. “Look Buddy, it’s really nice of you to come over here…but we are really tired. It’s been a long night and we don’t need your concern, or your charm. We’re just three friends trying to lighten the mood after a crappy evening.” She paused to make sure he was paying attention. “If you want to meet the woman who fell on a dead body then take a number. And if you were hoping to get lucky.” She made air quotes with her fingers. “Then you can take a flying leap, ’cause that’s never going to happen.”

CJ and Sarah sat wide-eyed at her uncharacteristic outburst. To her astonishment the stranger remained, concreted in place and staring down at her as his lips spread into a slow, lopsided, sexy smile.

Unbelievable! “Are you hard of hearing?” There was a sudden edge to her tone. She crossed her arms, which pushed her cleavage up ever higher. “Look, Shitforbrains, do I need to call a cop? This place is swarming with them.”

The man dug a wallet out of his back pocket and flashed her his detective badge. “You don’t say.”

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  1. Thanks for the guest post, Barb. What a wonderful opportunity to meet your fans and writer friends!

  2. Thanks for joining my writer friends circle, DB. I hope the book does great. 🙂

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