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Somehow, and don’t ask me how, considering my disorganized relocation, I came across a “To Do” list dated November 17, 2011, with the following items listed:

1.  Finish Be-in-a Book contest

2.  Finish early Scattered Moments for preview

3.  Edit Forbidden Bean

4.  Finish The First Time Again

5.  Finish Scattered Moments blurb

6.  Send finished Scattered Moments blurb to eBook formatter

7.  Re-upload revised blurb to

            1.  Amazon

            2.  B & N

            3.  Web site

8.  Finish Not Quite Heaven print version

9.  Finish Scattered Moments print version 

IT TOOK ME ALMOST A YEAR, BUT I DID ALL THE THINGS ON THIS LIST!  Well, almost.  I have to get the Scattered Moments print version to the formatter once I have the final proofread completed. 

For me, writing it down makes it happen.  I don’t know why, but when it’s where I can see it and cross it off, I’m more motivated to complete a task.  This works especially well with things I don’t particularly enjoy doing, like administrative tasks.  I highly recommend goal setting and lists! 

As I write this Thanksgiving has just passed.  We celebrated the Wednesday before because of work schedules.  One child and spouse along with my husband and I shared the traditional meal.  Cooking is not my thing, but one dish I have mastered in recent years is pumpkin pie with a flaky homemade crust.  Actual Thanksgiving Day I worked my day job, but don’t feel too badly for me.  It’s one of those holidays that pays time and a half.  As a bonus, my child had dinner ready when I got home.  

Our Christmas celebration is scheduled for December 13-14, again due to work schedules and travel.  I am thrilled whenever the six of us (my two children, their significant others, my husband and me) can all be in the same place at the same time.  It happens rarely these days, the curse of having successful, hard-working children, who have lives of their own and who don’t live next door to me.  

My Christmas ornaments, accumulated over many years, made the move with us to Central Florida, but alas, we probably won’t have a tree.  My husband suggested decorating with outdoor lights, but he won’t make a move without my supervision. xmas decor 2013 003

What is it about Christmas lights?  The entire strand never seems to work.  Before we moved we had lights upon lights upon lights accumulated over the years we lived in a large home which lent itself to outdoor Christmas decorating.  I tested every strand and if they didn’t all light up I threw them out.  But now that I’ve plugged in the ones I kept, I discover that many of them don’t work either!  It’s so frustrating.  In our much smaller place we don’t need as many outdoor lights so we got creative and used what we had.  Some of our neighbors have the “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” sign as part of their decorations.  I think ours should simply say, “We tried.” J 

Can you see the flag?

Can you see the flag?

I spent years frustrated with my hardworking husband who seemed to have little time or energy left over for me.  But now that he’s retired, I hit the jackpot.  This man had never vacuumed, loaded a dishwasher or dusted furniture, but now he does it all.  If I could teach him to cook an entire meal and have it ready for me when I get home he’d be just about perfect.  He’s mastered the fine art of making coffee and he’s always been the master of the barbeque grill.  There are a hundred other things he does, fixing, cleaning, painting, etc., now that he has the time.  Our roles are reversed and it’s not a bad deal at all. 

I’ve already started a new “To Do” list. 

1.  Finish Cool Beans, the second in the Grinding Reality series.

2.  Finish the fourth book (as yet untitled) in The Braddock Brotherhood series.

3.  Finish Nobody’s Fool.

4.  Send Scattered Moments for print formatting. 

I wish all of my followers and fans and friends a happy and healthy holiday season and only the best in the new year.

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