All the Books

Barbara Meyers:

A Month From Miami (The Braddocks, Book One)






A Forever Kind of Guy (The Braddocks, Book Two)

The First Time Again (The Braddocks, Book Three)

What A Rich Woman Wants (The Braddocks, Book Four)






Scattered Moments

Not Quite Heaven

Cleo’s Web

Training Tommy

White Roses in Winter






If You Knew (Red Bud, Iowa, Book One) Devonny’s Story






If You Dare (Red Bud, Iowa, Book Two) Doug’s Story






If You Stay (Red Bud, Iowa, Book Three) Joy’s Story

A Family For St. Nick (Christmas Novella)

Phantom (Manuscripts Under the Bed)

The Color of Nothing (YA – Manuscripts Under the Bed)

AJ Tillock: The Grinding Reality Series:

The Forbidden Bean (Book One)

Cool Beans (Book Two)



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