A Forever Kind of Guy

book cover A Forever Kind of Guy


To her forever is a lie. But he’s a forever kind of guy. 

Hayley Christopher’s high-profile divorce has given her a healthy suspicion of “happily ever after.” While she struggles to get her life back on track, temporary custody of her troubled nephew Fletcher highlights her every inadequacy. And her new landlord is an old crush whose parenting skills put hers to shame.

After the death of his wife, Ray Braddock walked away from his life. But now he’s back, rebuilding his business and thinking maybe he can even learn to trust again. He’s drawn to Hayley—and the silent little boy at her side—even though he may never convince her three broken people could make a whole family.

Hayley watches as Ray bonds with a silent Fletcher. Ray’s patience and persistence overcome her resistance and erode the walls around her heart. Ray might be the one good choice she is finally ready to make. But can she prevent Fletcher’s gang-connected father from traumatizing him again and following through on his threats to destroy her and those she loves?

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original book cover

Original Cover

A Forever Kind of Guy was originally published by Samhain Publishing in 2013 with this cover. Except for the back matter the re-released version (above) is the same book.


“If you still believe in forever, then don’t miss this gut wrenching, intense book about life, loss, and love in A Forever Kind of Guy.”
—Long and Short Reviews

A Forever Kind of Guy is a true contemporary romance. The story is full of emotional strife, humor, family ties and life struggles with sweet lovin’ thrown in.”
—Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews



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