30-Year Old Virgins and Aging Rock Stars

I recently read that it’s good for writers to blog because someone, somewhere will read it.  And though I’m not convinced this is true, I know for certain that if I don’t write a blog, it won’t be read.  The reason I don’t blog on a regular basis?  Because it’s time-consuming.  I want every blog to be brilliant and articulate and say something to my audience.  It’s good to have goals, but that one is unrealistic.  I think what we’re going to end up with here is a whole bunch of random thoughts on (I hope) a weekly basis.  So excuse the typos and the rambling, but please do come back and read and occasionally you might find a flash of brilliance.

If there are any 30-year-old virgins out there, I would like to hear from you.  Preferably female, but male would be good, too.  I like perspective.  I want to hear your story.  Seriously.  You can reach me at barb@barbmeyers.com

Why, you may ask?  Because I had an idea to write about a 30-year-old virgin as the heroine in my next book.  You know the old saying about writing fiction.  It has to be believable, not necessarily realistic.  I think it could happen.  Oh, and I’m not talking about nuns, priests, religious celibates, etc.  I’m talking about regular everyday American people who for whatever reason have never engaged in sexual relations with a member of the opposite sex.  Not that I’m discriminating against anybody, but I write about heterosexual relationships since that’s what I know best, being a flaming heterosexual myself.

Abstinence programs for teens?  What about those?  A friend of mine has this idea that the kids that sign on for those marry young just so they can have sex.  True?

Personally, I think there could be a lot of extenuating reasons why someone could make it to age 30 and still be a virgin, even in our permissive, sex sells culture.  So, if you have an opinion on the subject, please share.

On an unrelated note, for you American Idol fans, who’s thrilled that the kid from Arkansas won?  I’d have been happy with either of the two finalists, but I think Kris is (obviously) more mainstream. 

And what do you think about these aging rockers who can no longer sing?  Rod Stewart did an okay job.  At least he knows his limits.  And thank God he didn’t wear his leotard.  But if you noticed, he didn’t hit any high notes, either.  Maggie May is probably one of my all-time favorite songs from 1972??? and I have the original downloaded to my MP3.

But these old guys who are still performing?  Sorry.  They’ve lost their voices.  I’m somewhat of an expert on this because I work at Starbucks.  A year or two ago when Paul McCartney put out yet another album that I had to listen to day after day after day, I truly became convinced, someone, anyone, would be doing him a favor by informing him that he can no longer sing.

KC of KC and the Sunshine Band?  Also performed on American Idol a while back.  Sorry.  It’s just embarrassing to watch these guys.

And while I’m at it, Bob Dylan never could sing.  He should have stuck strictly to songwriting.  His son, Jakob, however?  Now he’s got a voice.  Plus, he’s cute. Whatever happened to him, anyway?  The Wallflowers, was it?

Speaking of wallflowers, don’t forget I want to hear from you.


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