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(Book Three, Red Bud Iowa)


A runaway daughter.

An unforgiving father.

A reluctant artist.

At 18, Joy Laurence took off with the local bad boy who left her widowed, broke and pregnant. Back then her formidable minister father hung up on her when she called home. Now that she’s back, he slams the door in her face. But for her adult daughter’s sake, she is determined to make peace with her family. Although romance isn’t even on her radar, Joy can’t resist troubled and talented Granger Sullivan’s rough edges and skilled hands. And in his rebellious teenage daughter she sees her own reflection. Joy’s excitement dies when reconnecting with her past results not only in broken hearts, but broken lives. Including hers. She could admit defeat and walk away a second time. But if she stays, can she find a way to reconcile with her loved ones and build the life she wants?


(Book Two, Red Bud, Iowa)


Can a man evolve from arrogant ass

to Father of the Year?

Doug Winston looks into his newborn daughter’s eyes and vows to become the kind of man and father worthy of her. But he first must navigate the mess he’s made of his life. Doug’s wife has left him. The teenage son he raised despises him, the father he worships disowns him, and a child Doug never knew he’d fathered arrives on his doorstep. After his baby’s mother dies, her sister, Josie, wants to prove him unfit and attain custody. As Doug embarks on his quest to live authentically, to make amends where he can and build relationships with his children and with Josie, he discovers that the father for whom he was never good enough is part of a vast criminal network. Just as Doug and Josie cross the line from hate to love, and Doug has cobbled together the family he always wanted, can he bring the man he once idolized to justice in order to protect them all?


(Book One, Red Bud, Iowa)


In a town filled with lies,

is there room for one more?

Recent widow Devonny Campbell arrives in tiny Red Bud, Iowa, determined to make a new life for herself and the child she carries. But when her former career in adult films is uncovered, she becomes the catalyst for a nasty political campaign which creates a tornado of controversy.  High school coach and guidance counselor Luke Bradshaw knows one strong wind will collapse the house of cards he’s built to contain his demons. He’s falling hard for Devonny in spite of her past. And she might be what trips him up and exposes everything he’s kept hidden.  But Devonny and Luke aren’t the only citizens of Red Bud forced to face the judgment of their peers. As the campaign turns vicious,   deeply-buried truths are revealed and lifelong relationships are shattered. Can Devonny and Luke stick together? Or will too much truth tear them apart?  


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A desperate woman. A disillusioned spy.

A doomed mission.

Zoe Bradford will do anything to find her brother Ben, a missing missionary in Latin America. Even if it means sleeping with an anonymous stranger in order to finance a rescue mission. Covert operative Aaron Manning doesn’t believe a “normal” life is possible for him. But the bizarre arrangement he creates with Zoe makes him more determined to step out of the shadows permanently in order to achieve his dream. Zoe wants to believe in Aaron’s promise to save Ben, but she finds it impossible to fully trust him. Her determination to go it alone compromises Aaron’s carefully orchestrated op and endangers everyone involved. Aaron’s desire to start a new life clashes with Zoe’s need to find answers. And when her phantom lover makes contact again, a pregnant Zoe knows the only way to move forward is to learn his true identity. Once she uncovers the truth, Zoe must make a decision about the man she’s in love with and the phantom who duped her. Is a future possible with either of them?


“…Phantom is a fast-paced romantic suspense about two strangers missing something in their lives who find a connection and a dangerous mission that means life or death for those they love.” “I’m so grateful the author decided to publish this “manuscript under the bed”. It is filled with loss, torment, hope, action, and suspense that this reviewer could not put down.  Recommend highly!” Here is the link to the entire review: …this was an interesting read that presented us with some rather fascinating psychological debates. From Zoe’s difficulty at opening herself up to love again following the death of her husband and child, to her questioning loyalties for the two men she’s grown to care for, we’re constantly wondering how things will come to pass. Overall…it portrays two characters who aren’t necessarily perfect, who battle with their inner demons and past traumas, but can find love and comfort in each other’s arms.                                                                                     —ROMANCE4THEBEACH Read the entire review here:



The princess. The pauper. And a shotgun… The only thing Jason is focused on is getting through his last year of college. But the instant attraction between him and Kerrie leads to one unforgettable night together. When Kerrie’s wealthy, overly-protective father learns she is pregnant, he arranges a temporary marriage to teach her a lesson about choices and consequences. Jason reluctantly agrees to keep his participation in the plan a secret, because it’s the only way he can safeguard his future and his family. Kerrie is blinded by her romantic fantasy and doesn’t suspect she’s been set up. Meanwhile, Jason guards his heart and vows that when Kerrie leaves with their baby, he won’t beg her to stay. Just when it seems a future together is possible, lies, betrayal and deceit threaten to separate Kerrie and Jason forever. Faced with losing each other and their baby, will their fragile bond be strong enough?

Now For Something That’s

NOT a Romance

Inspired by Actual Events

The Color of Nothing Book CoverBUY THE BOOK: AMAZON EVERYWHERE ELSE Delinquent. Disruptive. Dysfunctional.  Fifteen-year-old Darla Wallin knows what they say about her. Knows what they write in their files. The social workers and guidance counselors and probation officers. But they don’t know her.  Her mother, who supposedly knows her best, uses words like willful, wayward, and worthless.  Darla used to think if someone would just give her a chance, she’d prove them all wrong. But no one ever does.  Foster parents Shelly and Rob let her take the driver’s permit test even though she’s disappointed them a bunch of times.  But she fails. Again.  Because she’s a stupid loser, right?  She knows she can drive. All she needs is a car.  The emergency room isn’t part of her plan.  She doesn’t understand why Shelly and Rob still have faith in her.  What would happen if, one day, Darla started believing in herself?  


To write the best books I’m capable of writing and make them available to readers who will enjoy them.

Dear Readers, Thank you for stopping by to get my latest news.  I’m so excited for the release of IF YOU DARE, the second in the stand-alone Red Bud, Iowa, connected series.  There are two more books in the works:  If You Stay (Joy’s story), and If You Touch. Check back here or on my other social media for release announcements. Check out my March 2020 interview where I discuss all things writing with Brenda Joyce Patterson here:

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You can read about my life as a barista by day/romance novelist by night by checking out Gary White’s article (complete with photos) in The Lakeland Ledger. –Barb Meyers P.S. My web site always seems to be a work in progress, so be patient with me and if links aren’t working right let me know. Thanks!

Looking for a fun romantic comedy?

Training Tommy book cover imageAn irresistible guy. A mischievous dog. And a by-the-book schoolteacher. Sabrina Talbott loves her disciplined routines, her flower garden, and her home filled with a collection of teapots and antiques. She’s even trying to love the finicky cat she inherited from her grandmother. She’d also love Mr. Perfect. If only she could find him. What she doesn’t love is her new neighbor’s unruly, fun-loving, free-spirited dog or his owner, Tommy Cameron. Skid digs up her roses, terrifies her cat, and wreaks havoc with her wardrobe. If only Tommy would train him! Tommy finally takes the hint, but what Sabrina doesn’t realize is that while Tommy is training Skid, he’s also training her to lighten up and have some fun. At the same time, Sabrina is certain she’s the one who’s training Tommy to grow up and be more responsible. Is it possible Sabrina can turn Tommy into Mr. Perfect? Or has he been perfect for her all along?


More Romantic Comedy…

Unconvincing disguises, reverse stripteases, and an uncooperative feline… Cleo's Web cover imageItching to start over, Cleo Ward is preparing to leave her bad choices and troubled past behind. A temporary gig cat-sitting will benefit her relocation fund. All she has to do is blend in with her aunt’s retirement community. Easier said than done when Daniel “Web” Webster, the sexy property manager shows up… Nothing gets by Web, especially an intriguing too-young-to-be-a-resident female masquerading as a senior citizen.  But since it’s for a noble cause, he might be able to overlook Cleo’s rule-breaking for a favor—or two. But what happens when Cleo becomes more entangled with Web than she intended? Does she even want to escape the invisible threads he’s woven around her? Warning: Contains frequent retirement community violations and unauthorized use of adult diapers. 

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The Braddocks Series


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book cover A Forever Kind of GuyA Forever Kind of Guy – The Braddocks Book Two

To her forever is a lie. But he’s a forever kind of guy. 

Hayley Christopher’s high-profile divorce has given her a healthy suspicion of “happily ever after.” While she struggles to get her life back on track, temporary custody of her troubled nephew Fletcher highlights her every inadequacy. And her new landlord is an old crush whose parenting skills put hers to shame. After the death of his wife, Ray Braddock walked away from his life. But now he’s back, rebuilding his business and thinking maybe he can even learn to trust again. He’s drawn to Hayley—and the silent little boy at her side—even though he may never convince her three broken people could make a whole family. Hayley watches as Ray bonds with a silent Fletcher. Ray’s patience and persistence overcome her resistance and erode the walls around her heart. Ray might be the one good choice she is finally ready to make. But can she prevent Fletcher’s gang-connected father from traumatizing him again and following through on his threats to destroy her and those she loves?

A Month From Miami Now Available!

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A Month From Miami – The Braddocks Book One A babysitter with benefits…a mechanic who can drive her wild… Finally! Kaylee Walsh has escaped her good-for-nothing ex and her small Tennessee hometown. She isn’t about to let car trouble and zero cash throw a wrench into her plans. But Rick Braddock makes Kaylee an offer she can’t refuse:  free car repairs in exchange for a month of babysitting. He’ll make sure she’s on her way because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance when a woman is blinded by big city lights. Even though she’s hit a bump in the road, no way will Kaylee become attached to a hot single dad and his little girl. For her, it’s South Beach or bust. But when Rick discovers what Kaylee’s hiding he fears she may have stolen more than just his heart. Were the sparks between them real? Or is she a thief who took him for a ride? Warning: Sudden cravings for grape bubble gum and cherry Popsicles™ may occur.   Praise for A Month From Miami… “Readers will be hooked from the first scene thanks to Meyers’ comedic flair, which shines in this enchanting story. The relationship between the characters seems real and warm, and there’s nice chemistry.” –Romantic Times four-star review “Barbara Meyers has written a heart-warming story of love and new beginnings as her endearing, small-town heroine searches for success and finds it in unexpected places.”   —Jasmine Cresswell, USA Today Bestselling author of the Raven Trilogy “The author has a real gift for bringing a real down home feel to both her characters and her story…a story that can make you laugh and put a lump in your throat at the same time…” – Coffee Time Romance The Braddock Brotherhood were four stand-alone contemporary romances originally published by Samhain Publishing. The heroes, although not all blood-related, are connected to each other through the heroines. Single dad Rick Braddock’s story began in A Month From Miami, followed by his twin brother Ray’s story of finding Hayley in A Forever Kind of Guy. Hayley’s ex-husband, Trey, is redeemed with his own story in Book Three, The First Time Again. And  the fourth book, What A Rich Woman Wants, tells Niko and Lesley’s story. The all will soon be re-released, so please be patient!


Screwball Fantasy

Written by Barbara’s alter ego AJ Tillock highly recommend you read The Forbidden Bean as it is the first in the GRINDING REALITY Series. Book Two, COOL BEANS, picks up where The Forbidden Bean concludes.  These books combine a bit of romance, suspense, and fantasy with a dangerous coffee bean addiction, which takes readers for a crazy ride they won’t soon forget. The Forbidden Bean Buy Link                                                          Cool Beans Buy Link