A Writer With ADD

I haven’t posted on this blog since February 18, 2022. Why you might ask?

The short answer is I’ve diagnosed myself with writerly ADD. It begins each day when I am pulled in multiple directions. What book do I direct my attention to? The third book in the AJ Tillock Grinding Reality series which I began in 2015? Determine if Those Who Can, Date, also begun in 2015 is ready for an editor, i.e., is it “done?”

Or do I go back to Animal,Animal book cover a book that has obsessed me for years? Do I need to create social media posts? (To what end? I’m still not convinced the effort is worth it.) In spite of having multiple lists suggested by marketing experts, I have difficulty deciding what to post. Spending time writing a blog for the six people who might read it seems pointless.

Welcome to the unplanned career of a disorganized (but talented) 😊 writer with ADD who makes laughable promises to herself (“As God is my witness, I will post on social media no less than three times a week”) and wonders how she ever managed to publish twenty or so books in the first place. And who also wonders if she’ll ever finish or publish another one.

The legions of manuscripts under the bed reinforces the belief that she may not. The multiple works in progress hiding in computer files seem to seal it in indelible ink.

The multiple distractions she allows herself


But my life as a writer with ADD is more than writing. It’s friends and family and the outdoors and the dog and entertainment. It’s the necessary tasks that must be addressed every day.

Still, if I don’t write I don’t know who I’d be or what I’d do. Therefore, I plug along, plodding through the mess I’ve created, pushing aside the muck, my eye on the shiny reward I’m sure I can reach if I don’t give up:

Those two tiny words I’ll eventually type on one of my currently unfinished stories.


Proof I do (eventually finish most of the books I start):

The third book in the Red Bud, Iowa series: https://books2read.com/u/bzZNWL