Writer’s Notes: Where Did That Idea Come From?

Writer’s Notes: Where Did That Idea Come From?

Usually, a book starts with an idea. Maybe not a very clear idea, but an idea nonetheless. But I can’t remember where the idea for A Family For St. Nick came from exactly. Although it was inspired by friends of mine who have five daughters, one of whom is named Stephanie, and one of whom (the youngest) had a Christmas wedding, I’m not sure why I decided to write a romantic Christmas novella. I’ve gone back to my “Novella Notes” file in Word, (see below) but it isn’t much help in revealing how or why the idea spark appeared.

I do know where the names for the five daughters came from. Those were all from a list of girl names my husband chose when we were expecting our daughter. Every name on his list was a feminine version of a male name! I got to pick (Danielle) from that list.

For whatever reason, a wholesome romantic Christmas Novella entitled A Family For St. Nick was born. Happy Holidays!

Her family believes Nick’s a saint. But Stephanie’s not so sure… 

          For over a year Nick has been locked in Stephanie’s friend zone and he’s planning an escape. An invitation to her sister’s Christmas wedding in Florida is the perfect opportunity to get out of Chicago and get closer to her and her family. But he’ll have to trust her enough to explain why he’s been lying about his own family.


          Stephanie accidentally learned of Nick’s family secret, but until he tells her the truth, she can’t consider a future with him. She refused Nick’s offer to be her plus one, but reconsiders once she discovers he’s been invited to the wedding by her matchmaking family. 

          Nick has been hiding something important from her, and Stephanie has a few confessions of her own to make. Will ending the secrets between them guarantee they’ll spend the rest of their Christmases together?



The Writer’s Notes:


No wait. NICK stumbles over the investigation report while he’s looking for scissors to cut the tags off his new shirt and tie. His blood runs cold when he realizes Tom knows about his family. So if they go out together to play golf, Nick can talk to Tom about it. 10/27/18

The dad has had Nick investigated and Stef stumbles over the report in dad’s desk while she’s looking for something else. So she already knows about Nick’s family…but she thinks it’s a mistake and she doesn’t have a chance to ask him about it before the wedding.

One of the sisters, whichever one she’s closest to, has a conversation with her about Nick and why she won’t date him. Tells her to think logically. If she won’t go out with him so as not to lose friendship, eventually he’ll marry someone else and does Stef really think the wife is going to let their friendship continue? No. She’ll lose his friendship. So isn’t it better to take a chance of dating him and seeing if friendship grows into something more? Friendship = a flower she’s hanging onto too tightly and it will eventually die because she’s strangling it. But if she loosens her hold on friendship and lets things grow she might end up with a big beautiful blossom.

Have a time for a bridesmaids luncheon/female gathering and all the guys go play golf and Nick rides w/Tom and they have a conversation about…something.

Things they could do together:

Deep sea fishing


Miniature golf/ice cream


Ladies Lunch?

Does Nick go golf with the Dad?

Every time something “bad” happens he’s there to make it better. Gives up hotel room. Plays golf with the dad. Shows interest in the dad’s renovation projects. Maybe they will do a joint project. Small crises he averts.

Everyone else loves him why can’t she? She admits she does to someone else sister? Mother? Father? and he overhears it? And he has to admit the truth about his own family. Why can’t she be honest with him about her feelings when he’s never deceived her about anything? He wouldn’t. And that’s when he knows he has to tell her he’s been lying to her. And then they’re even in their deception? True honesty = true love?

He’s going to somehow show kindness to Lily’s twins after she unfairly disciplines them or yells at them/puts them in timeout.

Maybe he doesn’t have a book or anything so he makes up a story. She has put them at opposite ends of the sofa and told them to stay there for four minutes. So he starts a story about a wicked witch who makes little girls cry. But their tears turn into gold. And they become rich. And they buy their own heart-shaped house with a lock so the witch can’t get in.

Stephanie eavesdrops on it and she thinks it’s sweet then Lily comes barreling in. Or Cameron or whatever the husband’s name is.

(NOTE:  There’s more. Just wait!)