Never Doubt God Knows What You Need

Never Doubt God Knows What You Need

Inspiration for cover + cover attempts. Final cover TBA.

As I slog through edits for If You Dare, I begin once again to ask myself why I am doing this. Why am I writing for so little reward? Why I am investing so much of my time, energy, and money into something that not only seems to be unappreciated but unnoticed.

It’s a no-no to ever whine or complain on your own blog about the challenges you go through as an author . Everything there is supposed to make it look like it’s all hunky dory and easy-peasy.

Screw that.

I’ve taken A LOT of breaks from editing because frankly it’s just overwhelming. I’ve begun to believe this book was nowhere near ready to send to an editor, although my editor assures me he’s seen much worse. I’ve debated as to whether this edit is more difficult because I’m now a better writer and/or also his editing skills have improved. But I’ve also had to consider that my writing hasn’t improved or my work wouldn’t require so much editing.

On one of those breaks today, in fact, I went back to

Why. Am. I. Doing. This? 

I was feeling doubly discouraged because my efforts at marketing seem to go nowhere. Gifts I offer to newsletter subscribers meet with disinterest. None of the (two) reviewers I sent my last book to have reviewed it. Which means one of two things (in my mind): They thought it was so awful they decided not to post a review OR they put it down after the second page because they found it unreadable.

To say I was feeling discouraged would be a bit of an understatement at this point. (I’m also lonely and bored due to #selfquarantine.)

A break from editing usually means I try to quickly scan social media. And what do I find on Instagram? A post about a review of Phantom.


Oh, dear God. Thank you, Jesus. I needed that. God knew I needed that. One positive review at this point is all I need to keep going. To burn through those edits. To put that next book out. And pray to God someone notices it, wants to read it, buys it.

God doesn’t always give you what you want. But never doubt God knows what you need.

“…don’t judge a book by the plain cover. Phantom is a fast-paced romantic suspense about two strangers missing something in their lives who find a connection and a dangerous mission that means life or death for those they love.”

“I’m so grateful the author decided to publish this “manuscript under the bed”. It is filled with loss, torment, hope, action, and suspense that this reviewer could not put down.  Recommend highly!”

Here is the link to the entire review:

Thank you to all the book reviewers who take the time to read, analyze and post reviews. And a very special thank you to reviewer Sharon Clayton!

Thanks also to my blog followers, newsletter subscribers, and support system. I appreciate you.