How A Dermatologist Made Me Obsessed With My Face

How A Dermatologist Made Me Obsessed With My Face:

I am not usually overly obsessed with my face. I’m aware it’s there, of course, and do check it out first thing in the morning to make sure it’s still there and not looking too horrific. I splash it with cold water, moisturize, put on minimal makeup and that’s mostly it for the day.

But after a visit to the dermatologist’s office my magnifying mirrors (I have three) and I have become very close.

My dermatologist found two places on my face she wanted to biopsy. One on my nose and one near my ear. (That one I thought was a wart, but after looking at the information on the wall in her office? Maybe it was skin-cancer related.)

There’s nothing attractive about gouges and scabs and red spots on your face. Band-aids don’t adhere very well to a nose. And covering what amounts to an open wound with makeup? Not so easy to do. Luckily, the closer to your head an injury is, the quicker it is to heal. It’s been a couple of days now, and makeup is a possibility to hide the worst of it.

I tell all the young ‘uns I work with to

wear sunscreen.

When asked why I didn’t, I explain it’s because they didn’t have sunscreen when I was a child. The first time I ever heard of it was when I moved to Florida at age 19. A dermatologist told me because I had such light skin and was prone to burning to wear sunscreen. I did, but not all the time. I still got burned occasionally. And my face has the damage to show for it. (So does the rest of my skin, but especially my leg and my chest, where doc removed samples for two MORE biopsies.)

As if to add insult to injury, upon returning home after my dermatologist had her way with me, I had somehow developed A BLISTER on my face. What the heck? No idea where it came from, if I got stung or what. I drained it and doctored it up, but the next day there’s still a little blistering left.

Do the Face Gods hate me now?

Don’t get me started on the bumps on the forehead, which I thought were rosacea, but dermatologist says they’re not. Something to do with swollen?? oil ducts??? But I got a new prescription for rosacea anyway ($75 out of pocket/not covered by insurance).  Those dark spots beneath the surface of my skin? Ugh. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to lighten those over time. We’ll see.

I know I can’t do anything about the march of time, heredity, or past sun exposure, but I can warn others.

You’ve only got one face.

You’d best take good care of it.

Go see your dermatologist annually for a skin cancer check.

Otherwise, when you’re my age, your bathroom counter might look like this.