When What Was Lost Is Found: Never Give Up Hope

Author Barbara MeyersWhen What Was Lost Is Found 

I have become the queen of losing things. Last fall I lost two of my favorite necklaces. One I love not only because my son gave it to me, but it’s one of those pieces that goes with everything. The other was from my husband and I had it for years and wore it often.

I didn’t discover the loss until a month or so after I’d stayed in a hotel for a weekend. My roommate had discovered a pouch with some other jewelry that had fallen out of my bag so I was convinced the same thing had happened to these pieces. I called the hotel, only to be told they had no such items in their lost and found.

I couldn’t believe I’d been so careless. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t I take better care of valuable things? Why wasn’t I more conscientious?

For Christmas my husband bought me a replacement necklace similar to the one I’d lost, although nowhere near the quality. It was better than nothing. I was still sad every time I thought about the lost pieces. I’d prayed to God to help me find them, pleaded with Him that I’d get them back. Somehow.

For the past week or two I’ve realized there’s another necklace I can’t find. I know I had it a few months ago because there’s a photo of me wearing it. (In photo at top from May 2018.) I normally keep it in the same small box with the charms that go with it. But it isn’t there. I’ve looked everywhere I can think I might have put it. It isn’t anywhere. I have no idea what I did with it or where else it could be. It has vanished. But I haven’t been anywhere to lose it.

Once again this morning I go through my jewelry. The boxes and pouches and small containers where I keep my treasures. I go through a couple of evening bags and another small bag I rarely use and wait, there’s something in there. I upend it and four necklaces and a pendant fall out. Two of the necklaces are the ones I “lost” all those months ago. My heart soars. This is a miracle! What was lost has been found. I thank Jesus. I thank God. I tell my husband and text my kids. I know no one understands what this means to me and why I’m so excited.

Found lost jewelry
The two on the bottom were the “lost”

But I think this must be how God feels when one of his sheep is lost. How overjoyed He must be when it returns. When what was lost is found.

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