Bathtubs, Part II

Bathtubs, Part II More than seven months passed before Handy Hank arrived to begin work on my bathroom. First he had a backlog of work. I’d already told him I wasn’t in a hurry. But after a couple of months, I began to wonder if I’d been forgotten.

About two months later Hank texts to report that my tub is being sandblasted with a white powder coat finish. That sounds like progress to me! That was June 23rd.

After that the only interaction I had with Hank was when we crossed paths when he came in for coffee. He mentioned that my bathtub was sitting in his wife’s half of the garage. She wasn’t very happy about it. I didn’t see him for awhile and later learned he’d had surgery and was recovering from that. His wife stopped in a time or two and also mentioned the bathtub in her garage. I decided that’s right where I wanted it because she’d probably get Hank to act faster than I would.

As the summer progressed Hank became more hopeful, saying he thought he’d get to the installation in the next couple of weeks. But something always came up. When we thought we had a definite date, Hurricane Irma struck. And Hank had clients with much more urgent needs than my bathtub, so the start date got pushed back again.

When, in early December, he stated he’d be starting the following week, I was sure he was merely toying with me. But perhaps one of the Christmas gifts to his wife was giving her back her side of the garage.

And then one day I came home to this!

Garden tub gone
No more garden tub!
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Bathroom remodeling sub-floor