Thursday Morning Musings: What Do We Tell Our Daughters Now?

2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)On Tuesday night, like a lot of Americans, I went to bed quite certain of one outcome to the presidential election and woke up to a surprising other.

Donald Trump won, much to the shock, delight or horror of almost everyone in the country.

Why do Hillary Clinton and her supporters believe this is a strike against women and girls? I have always believed a woman could be elected president of this country. But this was not the year and this was not the woman. Nothing has really changed.

Perhaps if Hillary had shown better judgment, if she’d followed governmental guidelines in her last job, if she hadn’t called approximately half the country “deplorable,” if she hadn’t been under investigation by the FBI, if she’d been a different kind of female candidate, she might have won. But her loss certainly doesn’t mean a woman can never win.

In fact, if I had a daughter, I’d be telling her to take a few things from Donald Trump’s example. I’d tell her to work hard and take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. To make some noise and follow her instincts. Observe closely and see what others don’t. And when everyone tells her she can’t, believe that she can and will. Ignore the polls and popular opinions and what history indicates.

Donald Trump had a lot going against him and a lot of his own negative history to overcome. A media who reviled him and an opposing party that took a swing at his reputation at every opportunity. He’s never held political office before. Much of the time he was not “presidential.” And yet he got elected!

I submit that no one lives 70 years and doesn’t say or do regrettable things, and I’m sure Hillary and her supporters would agree. Donald Trump is not perfect. But he overcame his own flaws and inexperience and bumbling organizational challenges. He said repeatedly he believed he was going to win. There were a lot of factors in play, but I don’t think he won based solely on the fact that he is male.

So that’s what I’d tell my daughter. Look at Donald Trump. If he can do it, you can too. Never stop believing in yourself and what you have to offer.

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  1. JP

    Hope you can loan your daughter a few million dollars. Then she can Have the same chances as Trump!

    • I do not have a million dollars to loan her. But I would not suggest to her that excessive wealth is a requirement to run or a guarantee of winning. Wealthy candidates (such as Mitt Romney) lose elections. Those lacking in personal wealth have won (Harry Truman). Thanks for commenting.

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