God’s Not Crazy So It Must Be Me

2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)Journal: 4/25/16

Dear God, Please tell me which is best path to take: Re Samhain contracts: Leave Cleo & Animal w/Samhain until deal is done or not done? Pros: Assuming they still publish it: No cost to me. (Is this about money?) Cons: Delay in publishing. (But could I do it any faster?) Cost to me for editing & cover. Will probably have a different editor. May be better. May be worse. So I could do everything Samhain did on my own. Plus I’d have control – complete control over cover and price. And I could put the book out probably faster than whatever Samhain’s new deal will. But will I? I’m still sitting on Cool Beans a year after I got the cover done. Why? What’s stopping me? I need to get over my reluctance of the process. Make myself do it. Learn it. God, please help me get over my aversion to all things technical! Meanwhile I started revising The Color of Nothing and White Roses In Winter. Have cover ideas for both. Editing? Maybe. Do I want to put that much $$ into them? I said I’d never put out unedited work. Did I mean it? Best option right now? God? Please weigh in.

1)     Finish read through of The Color of Nothing

2)    Get cover?

3)    Editing…?

4)   Self pub.


1)     Finish Cool Beans

2)    Editing

3)    Self pub.


1)     Re-access where I am w/Samhain

a)    If no deal yet ask for rights back (again)

b)   If deal goes forward w/books there wait & see what happens


1)      Finish revising White Roses in Winter

2)    Get cover

3)    Edit?

4)   Self pub.

Today – Upload new blurb for The Forbidden Bean


ALL OF THE ABOVE I wrote this morning. I received an email from Samhain’s publisher just now that clarifies where things stand and tells me what I needed to know. In less than six hours God has provided an answer to all of my questions. He’s helped me clarify my goals. Helped me lay out a plan.

finalGRcoverAnd in case you’re wondering I did upload that new blurb for The Forbidden Bean. And I’ve been editing The Color of Nothing most of the morning.

Just pausing for a moment to give thanks.

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