When Dad Was Sick – Part Six

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I went to Ron and Maria’s party Thursday night.  There must have been at least 30 people there or more.  All the Wagner boys, Clem and Lenore and her brother, wife and 3 daughters and their families.  I nursed 3 beers and handed out some business cards.  Wish I had remembered to bring some of my book propaganda postcards.   

Yesterday Dani, Mom and I went to Joplin and Mom got her blood drawn at the hospital for her blood work to be sent to Dr. Corcoran.  We had to go to the ER since it was July 4th, but it worked out okay.  Then we went to Bob Evans or “Bobby’s” as Dani told me Dad calls it, and had breakfast.  Then we stopped at Home Depot.  Kevin asked me to get him a good padlock for his storage unit, so I got that.  Also a knob for Dani’s bathroom cabinet and a new hook for Dad’s bathroom door. 

Father Peter came over in the afternoon and brought Communion to Dad and prayed with him. 

Dani went to Carthage to get online and get her computer squared away.  We had spaghetti around 3 and left for the airport around 4.  I guess she got home okay as I didn’t get any panicked phone calls from her, Chris or Bill. 

I need to find someone to take me to the airport on Friday.  I think I will ask Martha and if she can’t, then Maria, or Clem and Lenore.  I hate to ask Lloyd again especially if he and Anna Lee have to go Springfield often to the doctor.  A.L. is to have a bone marrow biopsy in a week or two.  It’s possible she has leukemia. 

Steve was here sans Kelly when I got back from the airport.  He told me last night they’ve broken up for good.  (I’ll believe this when I see it.)  Although, otoh, I can’t see Kelly getting together enough money to pay her way to Tucson on her own.  He said the bottom line was he told her she couldn’t smoke in the condo he rented for a month and if he gets this new house, she can’t smoke in it either and that he plans to go outside and not smoke in his new house.  This started a fight as he says she smokes more than he does.  And that was the end of that.  He stayed with Sue Wed. and Thurs. nights and she helped him get stuff in his U-Haul, even stuff he didn’t want to take with him.  Of course, that’s his side of the story.  Hers will be something different.  He said he told her she could move out to Tucson if she ever wanted to and stay with him until she got herself situated.  Now why that would ever happen, I can’t imagine. 

Dad was pretty perky last night after Steve got here and after I got home about 7.  He came and sat on the porch for awhile.  Then he was awake at 2:30 this morning digging in the desk drawer for a pocket knife.  He had an ingrown toenail that was bothering him.  He dug it out and went in the bathroom for toenail clippers.  I gave him some liquid morphine and he went back to bed.  I had woke up to go to the bathroom anyway.  He didn’t wake me up. 

Then he was up this morning when I got up about 7.  I gave him more liquid morphine and he ate and then had his other pills at 8, but then when he went to bed he felt nauseous.  The Ativan seemed to calm him down, though, I think he’s sleeping now.  It’s 9:22 a.m.   

It was raining earlier, but now it’s stopped and Steve took his dog for a walk and Mom went with him.  Steve’s dog Molly is 14 and very overweight.  She has a small face, thin legs and a big body.  But is very well mannered. 

Dad told me yesterday that he would like me to get the hair off of his ears.  He’s sprouted a lot of hair growth on the tops and backs of his ears.  After he ate I got my cuticle scissors out and trimmed most of it off and went over them with a disposable razor, which left some stubble but got rid of the worst of the hair growth. 

Dad had a big b.m. and he was quite proud of it.  Wanted us all to come and look at it, I guess since we’ve showed so much interest in his bodily functions.  Unfortunately it got flushed before Steve got to see it.  Dad also coughed up some stuff but nobody saw what it was.  More brown stuff, probably.  

I offered to put his ingrown toenail clippings and his ear hair in a scrapbook for him to save for posterity, but he didn’t think that was necessary.

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