Kids Who Don't Call

When you went off to college and got a degree,

I still thought that somehow you’d always need me 

Eventually you found a place of your own

But in my heart you’ll always have a home 

You created a career and your income exceeds mine

Is some of what I taught you what makes you shine?

I pretend I’m not sad when you don’t call because it means…I didn’t tie you too tightly to my apron strings

When you moved away I thought I’d die

But all it meant was I gave you wings to fly 

When you found someone to love and started to build your new life

I’m glad I raised someone worthy of the best husband or wife 

I did my job and now you stand on your own

So I can’t be sad if you don’t phone

At least you’re not calling because you need bail

Or to be spinning another false tale 

You’re not living in my basement glued to a TV

And for that I’m thankful as I can be 

You’re a success story and these days that’s no small feat

 But I still wish you’d call me at least once a week.


2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)Another one to add to the collection courtesy of my weird ability to write poems with a Dr. Seuss-like-rhyming scheme in about ten minutes.