Letters to God


Dear God,

I think I’m invisible. At least that’s how I feel. Who do you tell that to, though? No one. Except you. Because today I realized you must feel invisible a lot of the time too. Probably no one gets ignored as much as you do. You make an awful lot of effort and an awful lot of people are going, “Meh.” They aren’t impressed with anything you do. In fact, they don’t even notice what you’ve done. They’re mostly too busy “living” their own lives. They don’t have time for you.

Sometimes I think I get blamed for things that are not my fault. I’m sure you can identify. Everyone likes to blame you for every bad thing that happens. “It’s God’s fault. How can he be so cruel? Why doesn’t he care?” But those same people never say thank you to you when something good happens. They never think it had anything to do with you. You don’t deserve any credit. Maybe someone who loves them was praying to you on their behalf but they just didn’t know it.

It’s good that I think I’m invisible. That’s how it should be. Because it isn’t about me. It’s about you. And anything that draws me closer to you is good. So maybe when I feel these ways it’s you saying, “Uh huh. Now you know how I feel.”

I know you see me. So it’s okay if no one else does.

Love always,