Webster and Whitley

2015-01-31 00.47.52Webster and Whitley

My granddogs.

Several years ago I made the mistake of adopting an unspayed female dog named Maggie. Maggie seemed very sweet and docile when I found her at the local shelter. I knew I’d have to bring her back to be spayed but I’m a little fuzzy on the sequence of events after that. Either she was already pregnant when I adopted her or…she escaped the confines of our fenced yard as she was wont to do and went clubbing when I wasn’t looking. All I know is we left on a five-day cruise and upon our return I remarked to my husband that Maggie was looking rather fat. Oh, dear. I think Maggie’s pregnant.

Indeed. Maggie gave birth to 13 puppies a few weeks later. The smallest two didn’t survive. Webster was the runt of the surviving litter. Before he even knew which pup it would be my son had already decided to take the smallest one. He and his girlfriend Erin adopted that little pup and chose his name. Webster is very smart and very sensitive. If Fleuree is my daughter’s shadow, Webster is my son’s.2015-01-31 00.53.03

Although you wouldn’t know it from this photo, there is nothing Webster likes to do more than play ball. When he was younger he would chase a ball to the point of exhaustion. Matt trained him to drop the ball at his feet. If the ball rolled away or Web’s aim was off, he’d nudge it back, thus insuring it would be thrown again. The only way to make him stop playing was to put the ball on a high shelf.

Webster’s teeth eventually ground down almost to the gum line due to a combination of chomping on tennis balls and poor alignment, but it never phased him. He takes his food with water to soften it up.

Although Erin was out of his life for a time, Webster never seemed to suffer from abandonment issues or to hold a grudge. When she and Matt got back together Webster welcomed her with open arms, er legs…um paws.

And then it was time for Webster to have a sister and along came Whitley. Like a lot of Goldens Whitley likes to put her mouth and nose on everything. She gets excited if someone new arrives and even more excited if she thinks they might pet her. Under the chin, if you please.2015-01-31 00.52.37

It is easy to see who the disciplinarian is in this household. All Matt has to do is make a sort of hissing sound to get Whitley’s attention. Once she’s focused on him, she’ll follow his verbal commands and hand gestures. If you give Whitley ice cubes to munch on you’ll be her best friend. When Mom cooks, Whit likes to lay next to the counter to keep an eye on dinner and offer her assistance should it be required.

Put a leash on Whitley and take her for a walk. You’ve never seen a dog wiggle her butt like this one.

They say pets are good training for having children. If that’s true I now have visions of Matt hissing at his daughter to get her attention and Erin handing out ice cubes as a reward.2015-01-31 00.50.51

There are no granddogs or grandchildren in my romantic comedy, Nobody’s Fool, but the story was inspired by Matt and Erin who were best friends in high school. They are now engaged.NobodysFool72sm