Bring Me Some Flowers

ajtillock2013 012It’s one of those rare occasions when my husband is out of the house without me.  I’m cruising around on Twitter and expecting him home any time and I thought, “What if he walked in with flowers?”  He won’t but it made me wonder what is it about men who never/rarely think to stop and pick up flowers for no reason.  Just about every grocery store has them and they aren’t very expensive.  I’m not talking roses.  The least expensive bouquet available would be thrilling.

You know why?  Because that simple, inexpensive gesture says, “I was thinking of you.” “I thought you’d like these.” I love you.”  Pick one.DMDroses 003

Do men feel foolish letting the women in their lives know how they feel? (God forbid they should express an emotion or do something their friends might tease them for later.)   At some point the guy must have expressed an emotion, especially if he bought her a ring and proposed.

Maybe it’s just my generation.  Maybe guys these days are more romantic and less fearful of feeling foolish. FWIW my husband says he wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring me flowers for no reason.  He thinks he’s in trouble now because I told him what I was writing about, asked him questions and tried to use him as a research subject.

Facebook is not the place to do research.  Three women responded to my question by saying they buy flowers for themselves.  Sure, I’ve done that, too.  But it completely misses the point.  I’m not implying you need a man to buy you flowers.  I’m asking whether or not the man in your life brings you flowers on a random Tuesday just because.  430290_2955654125008_29285398_n

Have we reached such a place in our feminist-equal-rights-for-women mentality that we wouldn’t, couldn’t or won’t take pleasure in receiving flowers from the man in our lives?  I’m almost getting the feeling these respondents feel insulted by my question.

I embarrassed a young coworker by asking his wife when was the last time he gave her flowers for no reason.  “Never.”  His response?  “I guess I’m just not very romantic.” It’s never too late to start being romantic, though, is it? The only men who responded to my FB research question are either newly married (he brings his wife flowers all the time) or engaged (frequent flower purchases).  One husband “offered” to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day and the offer was declined.  Why didn’t he just present them to her? I didn’t get Valentine’s flowers, but I did get a darling card even though my husband thinks cards are stupid.

Maybe flowers are stupid,too.  I don’t know where or how the tradition of bringing flowers began.  They just wither and die.  Make a mess dropping their petals.  The water gets cloudy. Eventually they end up in the trash.Let's Eat Cake 019

But I’d still be delighted if somebody who loves me brought me some just because.  Must be the romance writer in me,