The Grand-dogs – Fleuree

Fleuree's Puppyhood
Fleuree’s Puppyhood

I was never one of those people who wanted grandchildren, much in the same way I was never one of those people who desperately wanted children.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have children, but if I hadn’t, I like to think I’d have been okay about it.

So when grandchildren became a possibility, I assured my children I was in no rush.  I’d just escaped from twenty–plus years of raising my delightful children.  I’d enjoyed almost all of it, but I was in no hurry to experience it all again one generation removed.

Luckily, my children seemed happy to comply and weren’t in any hurry to procreate.  But…they did add to their families.  Their “children” are furry and four-legged and completely delightful in small doses.

Fleuree, a Bichon/Havanese mix has been my daughter’s constant companion for over

Fleuree plays dress up
Fleuree plays dress up

ten years. Fleuree got her name, if I recall correctly, as a combination of the word “fleur” which I believe is French for flower, and “flurry” since she’s small and white.  Don’t ask me what we were thinking when we gave Fleuree to Dani for her 17th birthday, knowing she’d be leaving for college in six months  (Dani, not Fleuree.)  So for three years, Fleuree was our foster grandchild.  I got the opportunity to relive toilet training (yay!).  Fleuree had christened every rug in our house at that point. I put her back in basic training until she understood what “go out” meant.  By the time Dani was ready to take full custody of her baby, I was ready to let her go.  But sometimes I miss that little white dog.

Fleuree lost her sight when she was still fairly young but it didn’t seem to change anything for her, as long as we didn’t rearrange the furniture.   She is Dani’s alter ego.

Dani called me one day and said,”Mommy, mommy!  Guess what?  I got a kitten. It’s  little and gray and it’s so cute.”  Of course, my first repsonse was to ask why she wanted a cat and my second comment was, “Oh, sure, they’re all cute when they’re kittens.  But then they grow up to be cats!”  (Been there.  Done that.)  Turned out that gray kitten – Bella – bonded with Dani’s husband.  And kitten number two, Charlie, is Dani’s little darling.  And Fleuree?  Is mostly oblivious to both of them.

Fleuree, Bella & Charlie
Fleuree, Bella & Charlie

After a lifetime in Florida, Fleuree and family recently relocated to New Hampshire.  There’s been an adjustment to snow and cold, but luckily doggie sweaters make outings more bearable.

Got my sweater on!  Is it time to go out?
Got my sweater on! Is it time to go out?

The granddogs have given me a nice long time to consider what it might be like if a human grandchild came along at some point.  Note to the children:  I think I’d be okay with it.