NOBODY'S FOOL – Sneek Peak + Contest


The following is excerpted from NOBODY’S FOOL, a romantic comedy published by Samhain Publishing.  Release date 1/6/15.  Comment on this blog and you are entered to win a Barbara Meyers book of your choice.


She couldn’t stand it any longer. She wanted more. Right now. Her knee slid off the sofa cushion and she felt herself falling, sliding to the floor. Court came with her. Her elbow connected with the coffee table. “Ow!” Her hushed exclamation echoed through the house. It might as well have been a gunshot.

Court’s bigger body did even more damage, edging the table aside, knocking over one of her mother’s precious figurines. It landed on its side with a clatter.

Court and Jolie froze, looking at each other with horrified expressions neither could clearly see before trying to scramble up.

Their limbs had become as hopelessly tangled as their clothing.

A door opened and a light came on in the hall at the top of the stairs.


“Yes, Mom.” With the light spilling down from the stairway she could now see Court. His hair was wildly mussed and there was an amused yet apprehensive expression on his face.

“What’s going on down there?”

“N-nothing,” she said, her eyes still on Court. “Court and I were just, um, talking.”

“In the dark?” Her mother sounded suspicious. The unmistakable creak of a stair followed.

Jolie frantically gestured to Court. He yanked his sweater back into place. With fumbling fingers she began to button her blouse.

“You don’t need to come down, Mom,” Jolie said, trying not to sound as frantic as she felt. “Court was just leaving.”

“Sorry to have disturbed you, Mrs. Kramer. I’ll be going now.”

The creak of the stairs stopped. “All right then, you two. Good night.”

“Good night, Mrs. Kramer.”

“Good night, Mom.”

As soon as they heard the door close upstairs they both burst into quiet laughter.

“My mother catching me making out with a boy on the living room sofa. That hasn’t happened since high school.”

“It’s never happened to me,” Court said. That killed the laughter, reminding them both of things they’d rather forget. “I should go.”

He started for the door and Jolie followed. Again she had that deflated balloon feeling. Flying high one minute, crashing to the ground the next.

“Court?” she said before he stepped through the door. He turned back to her. “I had a nice time.” It seemed so inadequate, but she didn’t know what else to say.

He reached out and brushed a wayward strand of hair back over her shoulder. “Me too.” Her mother had left the light on upstairs. Jolie thought she saw something in Court’s eyes that hadn’t been there before. Longing? Regret? Sadness?

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.


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