Who Is AJ Tillock?

ajtillock2013 012 This is me. Barbara Meyers. I am the contemporary romance author. This photo was taken by my daughter Danielle on January 2, 2013, as were all of the photos which follow as I try to capture the persona of and create a unique identity for my fantasy-writing alter ego, AJ Tillock. I’d like to thank drag king Jamie Kalman for inspiring me to consider a look unlike myself for AJ. I’ve seen photos of Jamie in costume for her performances. She completely transforms herself. These photos are only the beginning. AJ Tillock is a work in progress, as is the Grinding Reality series, s/he writes. Book One is The Forbidden Bean, available in print and digital versions. Buy links to all my books are on my web site: www.barbarameyers.com

It all started with a hat.
ajtillock2013 011
Danielle’s comment: “You look like Diane Keaton.”

Then the glasses:
ajtillock2013 015
Danielle says, “Now you look like Woody Allen.”

Then the shirt:
ajtillock2013 018

Then the pillow:
ajtillock2013 026 Now I’ve pinned my hair back, too. I was going for a Wilson-over-the-fence look.

Then we just got silly.

ajtillock2013 028

Compare the photos and tell me how I did.
Like I said, this is just the beginning. More to come in the evolving creation of AJ Tillock.

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Thanks for reading.


  1. Janet Warner

    Happy Day, Cuz, if that really is you! Glad “AJ” is still around. Be happy!

    • It’s me, Janet. I missed my Warner holiday newsletter this year! Thanks for reading.

      • Janet Warner

        I sent them out late, as per usual. You got yours at your new home by now, I hope? I happened to note your address on Mom’s card and intended to send, but may have forgotten to follow through. Gettin’ old, you know. Let me know if I skipped you. Sure didn’t mean to! Be Happy, Cuz!

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