Picky Reader – 23

Missing by Sharon Sala.  This book will keep you going.  It’s fairly action-packed with some unique twists and an interesting plot.  Yes, there’s a love story, but there are lots of bumps in the road getting there.

Ruthless by Anne Stuart.  Anne Stuart’s books are consistently very good stories and extremely well written.  I’ve never been disappointed with one and this was no exception.  If you like sexy historical romance, you should be reading her.

Reckless by Anne Stuart.  The truth is, I downloaded a freebie I saw on Amazon—The Wicked House of Rohan—months ago, disappointed to realize it was a short story, but not disappointed by the story itself.  I wanted more.  So when I saw The House of Rohan trilogy, I jumped on it.  Or at least the first two.

In the past month I’ve overdosed on historical romance.  I’ll have to take a break.