In The Eyes of the World

If you can’t be beautiful, develop a great smile

If you can’t be thin, be healthy

If you can’t be clever, be kind

If you can’t be famous, be humble

If you hate lies, speak the truth

If you’re filled with self-pity, learn to be thankful

If you can’t give advice, be the shoulder to cry on

If you can’t be funny, learn how to laugh

If you can’t be rich, learn how to give

If you can’t be successful, learn to be content

If you don’t understand, learn how to ask

If you can’t help, learn to stay out of the way

If you can’t donate, pray

If you’ve been wronged, learn to forgive

If you’re no longer young, share the wisdom of your years

If you wish you were someone else, try being yourself

If you don’t believe God did his best work when he created you, learn to believe.