If I Were Free

If I Were Free 

What if I were free and on my own?

I could be me but I’d be alone.

 A thirty-year marriage I threw down the drain.

If I was asked I’d simply claim: 

He’s a great guy, loyal and true.

No, I don’t think I’m a heartless shrew. 

Now that’s he’s gone my heart can sing.

I got a good price when I pawned my ring.

 I gave up the house and a life of ease.

The kids don’t get it; they say, “Mom, can’t you please?” 

But I’ve been there and done that and I’m leaving now.

Take care of the cat while I ignore my vow. 

As I wave goodbye I think should I have stayed?

The road ahead isn’t smoothly paved. 

If I leave now what will I miss?

Not that nightly perfunctory kiss. 

I won’t think about what I left behind.

I’ll look forward to all the good things I’ll find. 

If I came back, on the door I’d knock.

What was I thinking?  You’re my rock. 

Give me a hug and let’s call it a day.

What made you think I wouldn’t stay? 

By Barbara Meyers ©2009


 More every day poetry for my loyal followers.  I found If I Were Free in a journal while searching for something else.  I don’t remember writing it, but there it was.  Something I scribbled without a lot of thought or time.  I barely edited it before posting.  Even though I don’t usually share an entire work, today I am, just for you.  It’s hardly a polished piece, but it does sort of convey where I must have been at that point in time.  

Marriage is not for the faint of heart.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.  Show me anyone who’s stuck it out and I guarantee they’ve been through their share of ups and downs. 

One of these days I’ll put all of my amateurish poems in a book entitled “Everyday Poetry” and sell a digital version for 99 cents.  Probably not worth that, but that’s the lowest price I think you’re allowed on most sites.  I’m sure not giving them away for free.  Except to my blog readers!

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