Picky Reader 19

Picky Reader’s Latest Reads 

Live to Tell by Lisa Gardner.  I think I’ve read every book Lisa Gardner has published.  If you enjoy suspense, read her.

Blood by Patricia Traxler and The Distance Between Us by Bart Yates.  They are both well-written and enjoyable reads.  If you like moody, sort of dark, thoughtful novels, read these.  Must have been my time to read books without happy endings.

The Search by Nora Roberts.  Another Nora Roberts winner.  Heroine is a dog trainer and runs search and rescue missions, which is an interesting twist.  Hero thinks she’s training him as well and unlike most men, he proves himself to be trainable. 

A False Sense of Well Being by Jeanne Braselton.  I’m going to say one thing because it must be said.  Who ever told novelists that it’s a good idea to include lots of dreams in their stories?  Occasionally, there’s probably a reason for it, especially if it’s a recurring dream that has something to do with the plot.  But quite often, it is a bad idea.  Relating what a character dreamed does not move the story forward.  Worse than that, it’s boring.  Who cares?  It seemed to me there was a lot in this book that didn’t move the story forward and I wasn’t sure where it was going.   This is one of those books I just didn’t get.

Without a Backward Glance by Kate Veitch.  For any woman who’s ever wanted to walk away from the demands of being a mother to her young children (four in this case) and a husband who isn’t right for her, get a look at what happens to that family after you leave.

Rules for Saying Goodby by Katherine Taylor.  This is less a novel and more a series of anecdotes about the heroine who bears the same name as the author.  The pacing seemed a bit jumpy to me, racing ahead and then relating previous incidents.  I kept wondering why, what is the point, where is she going, what does she want?  Surprisingly, even the books I don’t get can be enjoyable reads as this one was.

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