Everyday Poetry – 3

Some More Snippets of Everyday Poetry:

My Husband The Car  ©2011 by Barbara Meyers 

I walk around him and I check him out

This isn’t a used car I’m talking about

Although I’m sure he’s been driven before

He’s on the used lot, traded in once more

I had my eye on a shiny model over there

But I’ll give him a shot just to be fair

I CAN’T AFFORD HER NO MORE ©2011 by Barbara Meyers

(I think this would make a great country song, I just need it set to music.)

The wind in our faces, the salt on the breeze

How smooth the ride, how she handled with ease

I remember with fondness drives along the shore

But the simple truth is I can’t afford her no more

When we first got together it was like wedded bliss

There are so many things about her I’ll miss

It’s been a great ride, and I hate to see her go

But the simple truth is I can’t afford her no more… 

These were both inspired by my husband bemoaning the fact that the lease will soon be up on his Infiniti G35 and the angst he’s gone through researching and trying to decide on his next vehicle.  One option was buying the G35 out of the lease, but the truth is that car no longer suits his lifestyle or budget. 

For those of you who don’t know him, my husband is brilliant.  Dogged, determined and a great researcher.  He knows more about cars, pricing and financing that the salesman or finance managers at the dealerships.  His whole career he was a numbers guy so don’t try to put anything over on him.  He’s also not afraid to walk away from a deal (and he did).  The salesman called him a week later to let him know the car (which he ended up buying) was still available.  The dealership made maybe $80 on the deal.  I think he should teach a class on how to do what he does and how to get the deal you want on a car.  He ended up buying a new car for less than it would cost used!  I told you, he’s brilliant. 

But still, we are saddened at losing our luxury car.  We will be holding a wake and memorial service for it later this week.

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