Everyday Poetry – 2

Everyday Poetry – 

THIN AGAIN © 2010 by Barbara Meyers

 My skirt is too tight, oh what have I done?

That party last night I shouldn’t have gone.

Or if I went I shouldn’t have eaten.

Those dieting rules?  They’ve all been beaten.

The waistline I discovered just recently

Is now disguised indecently

By a layer of flab around my middle

All right, okay, just one more Skittle…


INTERNET DATING © 2010 by Barbara Meyers

He’s not exactly what I thought he would be.

For one thing I thought he’d be taller than me.

He’s got a great smile, yes, that’s true.

But he’s also got toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

In his photo it looks like there’s a full head of hair.

But there’s a spot in the back and none’s growing there…


TIRED  © 2010 by Barbara Meyers 

There are dark circles under my eyes

No amount of concealer can disguise.

On my list are ten things I ought to do.

No matter what I accomplish I’m never through.

Another ten will be added before

I set one foot outside the door.

I arrive at work and I really don’t care

If I’m efficient or even effective there…


JUST FOR TODAY  © 2010 by Barbara Meyers 

 Just for today I’ll believe I’m okay.

I’ll stick to that no matter what you say.

I’ll be all right even if you don’t love me.

I know there are other fish in the sea.

About how I feel I know you don’t care.

Which makes me very unwilling to share.

You wonder why I sometimes get mad,

And storm off in a mood, it’s because you’re a cad.

You don’t listen to me, your mind’s miles away.

I’ve asked myself often why do I stay?…

HAPPINESS?  © 2010 by Barbara Meyers 

Is anyone truly happy I wonder?

Hearts ripped apart, lives torn asunder.

If you could go back and change the choices you made,

What do you have now that would be worth the trade?

Would you give up your job, your spouse, your home?

Your children, your friends, would you end up alone?

Can you look back and say this was all a mistake?

I wasn’t true to myself, from this nightmare awake… 

Dear Readers:  I don’t know where the inspiration comes from, but Dr. Seuss-like rhyming schemes appear in my head in short, quick bursts.  If I don’t write them down quickly, I forget them.  They are about odd, everyday subjects ranging from the frustration of being a writer to a battling the bulge to the ups and downs experienced during a long-term relationship. 

Above are the first few lines from a few of my poems inspired by everyday life situations. 

I hope you enjoy them.  Come visit me at www.barbmeyers.com