Picky Reader – 2

I read THE GHOST AT THE TABLE.  This is one of those sort of family relationship books where there’s lots of underlying stuff going on that you’re led to indirectly sense but it isn’t always spelled out.  I guess that makes it a pretty realistic read because that’s how lots of families operate.  Everyone has their own version of the truth and their own set of recollections of how it was growing up in the same household.  If you like this kind of book, you’ll enjoy THE GHOST AT THE TABLE.  I was left wondering if it shouldn’t have been titled THE GHOSTS AT THE TABLE, however, because there certainly seemed to be more than one there.

I didn’t get to finish FACE VALUE, although I did start it.  My three weeks was up so it had to go back to the library.

Now I have BREAKNECK by Erica Spindler; SEEK THE LIVING by Ashley Warlick; SHOOT HIM IF HE RUNS by Stuart Woods.

I opened BREAKNECK first and I’m more than halfway through it.  I’m trying to broaden my horizons because I don’t normally pick up detective stories, but I’m enjoying this one.  One thing I like, the chapters are really short and set by each day and what time it is.  The main characters are female detectives in Rockford, Illinois.  I’ve never read Erica Spindler before, but based on this, I might become a fan.

I’ve also never read Stuart Woods, but I have a friend who I think has read all of his books.  If I’m not mistaken, he writes a series.  See how behind the times I am?  I should know this, right?  My friend has to read series books in order, but it doesn’t bother me to pick one up at random.  If they’re done well, they should all stand on their own, right?  If I like the first one, I’ll go back and read the others.

Until next time…happy reading!  Comment and tell me if you’ve read something good you think I should try.


  1. I know you don’t read YA but The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins was sooo good, and it’s one of those YA that could really be in the fiction/literature section at B&N.

  2. barbmeyers

    Do you have the print copy or did you download it? If print, loan it to me. Or I’ll check in the library here, because as we know, I’m a poor, starving writer who can’t afford to buy books.

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