My Vein, My Blood – 10


If you get on one of those puddle jumpers from St. Louis to Springfield you’ll have an interesting experience.  Any carry-on luggage will be valet’d to the luggage compartment to balance the weight of the plane.  Likewise, passengers may be shifted to insure that no one side is tipping the scales.  The flight attendant doubles as the pilot.  He will welcome you on board, check to make sure that seatbelts are fastened and read a series of safety instructions from a manual stowed near the front door.  After redistributing the passengers to his satisfaction he will secure the door before changing his flight attendant jacket for one with captain insignia.  Securing his captain’s hat he waves to the passengers, assuring them he’ll be back in a few minutes to serve cold beverages.  Once airborne, with Captain Ken using the intercom to give us a rundown of flight time, weather conditions and cruising altitude, he will reappear, change jackets and offer us cans of Pepsi, root beer or ginger ale along with minuscule bags containing a pretzel-like substance.  About the time he has finished clearing what he described as a snack, he will put on his captain’s attire once more and disappear into the cockpit before changing one last time after landing to bid us a fond farewell as Flight Attendant Ken.  This could be a cute comedy sketch, couldn’t it?  I’ve just discovered the reason for the seatbelt is to keep you from sliding off the narrow seat during taxiing.  The good thing is these planes are so noisy that if your seatmate is a Chatty Cathy her attempts at conversation will be foiled.  The thing about hurricanes—it’s all about renewal.  God keeps telling us there’s nothing he can’t forgive if we are willing to be forgiven.  Jesus’ death was about renewal.  The message is there for us in 1000 ways, big and small, every day.  Why do so many of us not see that?  It isn’t a mystery!