Forget About It, Wish, and Guilty

I never write book reviews, mostly because I’m not qualified and partly because as a writer, I don’t feel it’s my place to criticize the work of other writers.  I’ll leave that to the professional critics.


However, as a reader, I do feel qualified to share books that I like with other readers.  I read a lot, as I’m sure most writers do, and I won’t lie.  I often purchase bargain-priced books and I frequent the library because books are expensive and I wouldn’t otherwise be able to support my reading addiction.


In the last couple of weeks I’ve read three books I enjoyed so much I want to share them with other avid readers.  The first is FORGET ABOUT IT by Caprice Crane.  I picked it up at the local Barnes & Noble.  When I started it, I was afraid it was going to be another rather lame version of chick lit.  Heroine living in New York, has a crappy job she hates and no money and is dating a guy who treats her like puppy poo.  You know the drill.


Nope.  FORGET ABOUT IT has not one, but two surprising and original twists and is anything but another forgettable chick lit.  Any noteworthy book gets passed on to my book-addicted daughter and I’ve already raved about this one to her and others.  I now have in my possession Caprice Crane’s first book, STUPID AND CONTAGIOUS, which I’m going to start as soon as I finish writing this blog.


Then there’s WISH by Melina Gerosa Bellows.  It’s the story of a woman with an autistic twin brother and how she is influenced by him and how she finally discovers herself as she explores his impact on her life choices.  It’s a truly great book.


I just finished GUILTY by Karen Robards, one of my all-time favorite authors.  No one does romantic suspense quite like her.  I race through her books.  They are as close to I-can’t-put-it-down, as I ever get with a book.  I always look forward to her next one.


So if you’re looking for a good book, pick one of these.  Pick all of them.  You won’t be disappointed.