Your Dirty Book?

“I can’t wait to read your dirty book.”  This is what a woman said to me a couple of days ago.  As if that wasn’t enough of an insult, she said it while I was working behind the Starbucks counter and in front of my fellow partners and other customers.  I don’t know how she expected me to react.  Did she think she was complimenting me?  Luckily, my fellow partner told her it wasn’t dirty and it was a good book and that her 90-year-old mother loved it.


I happen to know A MONTH FROM MIAMI was purchased by this woman’s friend (who read it and told me she loved it) and given to her to read.  What makes her think it’s a “dirty book?”  Because there are love scenes in it?  (Which she hasn’t read yet.)  Because there’s a warning label on the back cover?  (Just like in the movie reviews.)  Or did someone tell her it was “dirty” and she believed it?


To say A MONTH FROM MIAMI is a dirty book is like saying PRETTY WOMAN is a dirty movie.  Who thinks that?  Probably that segment of the population that believes sex is dirty.  Yep, there were some love scenes in PRETTY WOMAN, just like in A MONTH FROM MIAMI.  But sex in and of itself is hardly what either story is about.


When reviewers (who are usually people with absolutely no connection to the author or to the book) use words like “heartwarming,” “romantic,” “enchanting,” and “fun,” they are certainly not implying my book is “dirty.”


Even Jane Stewart from Illinois, the only individual to have written a review on A MONTH FROM MIAMI’s Amazon page wrote this:  “Although Kaylee and Rick have a couple of passionate sex scenes nicely done, I wouldn’t suggest this for readers looking for a lot of sex scenes. Read this for warm feelings about good relationships and good people.  I enjoyed it all the way through.”  Thank you, Jane, whoever you are.  I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and I appreciate the four star review!


Since A MONTH FROM MIAM came out, I’ve sat outside Starbucks a few times and signed books.  A lot of the people who bought them are regular customers and I truly appreciate their support.  Comments vary from the aforementioned 90-year-old who loved the book and is convinced I’ve personally experienced a “lot of great sex” in my life to those who are squeamish upon learning there are any sex scenes in the book.  Age does not seem to be a consideration.  I’ve had women in their sixties who enjoy reading about passionate relationships and others who’ve informed me that they’re done with passion.  For them I have two G-rated offerings, HIDDEN ASSETS or TRAINING TOMMY.


To set the record straight, A MONTH FROM MIAMI is a contemporary romance novel, not a dirty book.   It doesn’t need a brown paper wrapper.  If you’ve ever watched an R-rated movie, a daytime soap opera or an episode of Nip/Tuck, there’s nothing in my book that will shock you.


It’s almost impossible to buy A MONTH FROM MIAMI without knowing what you’re getting.  Review excerpts are in the front.  A warning label is on the back.


If you’re looking for shock value, read something else.