The Intimidation Factor

I’ve had a web site for at least a year.  A web site with a blog feature I’ve never set up until today.  Why?  Because I’m technologically intimidated.  Over the hill.  Compared to many of my colleagues, I feel like a snail with Alzheimer’s.  Slow and forgetful with a severe lack of understanding about computers.  Chat rooms?  What the heck are thos?  Myspace?  Yes, I’m on there, too, but I don’t really get what it’s all about.  My daughter had to set it up and maintain it for me.  I can’t even find my own friends.  Facebook?  On it.  Again, thanks to my daughter.  Never looked at it until recently and was amazed to find how many people had been trying to befriend me.

As a fiction writer, here’s what I know how to do with a computer:  Check my e-mail through Outlook Express.  Which my computer guy set up.  Don’t have one clue how it works, don’t know what all those folders and options are for.  I can read and delete, copy and paste.  Send and receive.  That’s about my limit.

I’m a whiz at using the basics of Microsoft Word.  Thank God, or I wouldn’t be published.

My web site confuses me.  I have to pay someone to do it for me.

If I have to send a photograph or a book cover anywhere, I’m convinced I’m not doing it correctly.  I can barely find it in the various files on my computer.  But somehow, I do manage to get it where it’s supposed to go.  Usually.

If you wonder why there are huge gaps between my blogs, now you know why.  It takes me longer to figure out how to log into the blogging site than it does to write the blog.  There must be better ways for me to spend my time!

P.S.  Now I know why I was intimidated.  Read on.