If You Knew

The working title for IF YOU KNEW was SOFT CORE. That ought to tell you something. 🙂 I wanted to explore the idea of making a former adult film actress into a romantic heroine. An editor with a traditional publisher told me I’d never sell readers on the idea. But I think Devonny Campbell’s story can prove her wrong. Below is the working blurb. Everything’s still in the working stages. Look for a 2019 release date.

Working Blurb 9/21/18 

IF YOU KNEW, Red Bud Series, Book One 

In a town filled with lies, is there room for one more? 

When widow Devonny Campbell arrives in tiny Red Bud, Iowa, she is determined to make a new life for herself and the child she carries. But when her former acting career in adult films is uncovered, she becomes the catalyst for a nasty political campaign which creates a tornado of controversy. 

High school coach and guidance counselor Luke Bradshaw knows one strong wind will collapse the house of cards he’s built to contain his demons. Falling hard for Devonny in spite of her past could be what will trip him up and expose what’s hidden behind his carefully constructed façade. 

But Devonny and Luke aren’t the only citizens of Red Bud forced to face the judgment of their peers. As the campaign turns vicious, deeply-buried secrets are revealed and lifelong relationships are shattered.

Can Devonny and Luke stick together when truth is the one thing that could tear them apart? 

There are plans for four books in this series. IF YOU DARE is in the works. It features Doug Winston (the “villain” running for mayor). I give my editor,  Noah Chinn of Mossfoot Editing, credit for this idea. He wanted me to explore Doug’s efforts to redeem himself and come out a hero. The third book (working title Joy’s Story) features Devonny’s mother returning to her hometown in IF YOU STAY.

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