The Cream Rises to the Top

Hop over to the Novelists, Inc. blog and read my “Mark Twain Didn’t Twitter” blog posted on October 15, 2010.  I’m sure that will be a popular one, especially since it follows right behind an industry professional’s blog whose job is to promote authors and their work. Once I’d finally…

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Picky Reader – 10

I dislike authors in any genre who set out to manipulate the readers’ emotions. If you’re going to get emotional reading a book, then it should come from the story and the characters themselves, not because the author manipulated the story so you would feel a certain emotion. And why, if you’re setting out to make a reader feel a certain emotion, would you want the emotion they feel to be sadness?

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Good Books – 2

It’s only April 22nd.  That means in one week, I read two books.  Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner and Bobbie Faye’s Very (very, very, very) Bad Day by Toni McGee Causey. I picked up Jennifer Weiner’s book first because I’ve read all of her books and I think I…

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