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When Samhain Publishing  closed its doors, it was a sad time for many authors. Samhain was great to work with and six of my books were published by them. A MONTH FROM MIAMI, A FOREVER KIND OF GUY, THE FIRST TIME AGAIN, WHAT A RICH WOMAN WANTS, NOBODY’S FOOL and FANTASY MAN will no longer be widely available. Eventually I will re-release all of those books with new covers, but it will take some time. Check back here or on my other social media for release announcements.

You can read about my life as a barista by day/romance novelist by night checking out Gary White’s article (complete with photos) in The Lakeland Ledger.

From my funny, spicy and sexy contemporary romance novels to my screwball fantasy series, my goal is to create characters and stories that intrigue and entertain. You can always find and follow me on Amazon , BookBub , Goodreads Facebook , Pinterest and Twitter.  Keep up with my craziness by following my blog. Drop me a line. I love hearing from readers!


P.S. My web site always seems to be a work in progress, so be patient with me and if links aren’t working right let me know. Thanks!



The princess and the pauper…

The only thing Jason is focused on at age 21 is getting through his last year of college. But when he meets 18-year-old Kerrie, their instant attraction leads to one unforgettable night together.

Kerrie’s wealthy, overly-protective father informs Jason that Kerrie is pregnant and the solution is a temporary marriage. The plan is to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget and Jason is given no choice but to participate.

Kerrie suspects her father of once again interfering in her life, but she is blinded by her fantasy of a loving marriage and a lifetime with Jason. Meanwhile, Jason guards his heart and steels himself against the pain he’ll feel when Kerrie leaves with their baby.

But what Kerrie doesn’t know are the lengths to which her father will go to protect her, even from the husband he coerced into marrying her.

Looking for a fun romantic comedy?

Unconvincing disguises, reverse stripteases, and an uncooperative feline…

Itching to start over, Cleo Ward is preparing to leave her bad choices and troubled past behind. A temporary gig cat-sitting will benefit her relocation fund. All she has to do is blend in with her aunt’s retirement community.

Easier said than done when Daniel “Web” Webster, the sexy property manager shows up…

Nothing gets by Web, especially an intriguing too-young-to-be-a-resident female masquerading as a senior citizen.  But since it’s for a noble cause, he might be able to overlook Cleo’s rule-breaking for a favor—or two.

But what happens when Cleo becomes more entangled with Web than she intended? Does she even want to escape the invisible threads he’s woven around her?

Warning: Contains frequent retirement community violations and unauthorized use of adult diapers. 

Cleo’s Web Buy Links


The Braddocks Series

(The rest of  this series will soon be available.)

A Month From Miami – The Braddocks Book One

A babysitter with benefits…a mechanic who can drive her wild…

Finally! Kaylee Walsh has escaped her good-for-nothing ex and her small Tennessee hometown. She isn’t about to let car trouble and zero cash throw a wrench into her plans.

But Rick Braddock makes Kaylee an offer she can’t refuse:  free car repairs in exchange for a month of babysitting. He’ll make sure she’s on her way because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance when a woman is blinded by big city lights.

Even though she’s hit a bump in the road, no way will Kaylee become attached to a hot single dad and his little girl. For her, it’s South Beach or bust.

But when Rick discovers what Kaylee’s hiding he fears she may have stolen more than just his heart. Were the sparks between them real? Or is she a thief who took him for a ride?

Warning: Sudden cravings for grape bubble gum and cherry Popsicles™ may occur.


Praise for A Month From Miami…

“Readers will be hooked from the first scene thanks to Meyers’ comedic flair, which shines in this enchanting story. The relationship between the characters seems real and warm, and there’s nice chemistry.” –Romantic Times four-star review

“Barbara Meyers has written a heart-warming story of love and new beginnings as her endearing, small-town heroine searches for success and finds it in unexpected places.”   —Jasmine Cresswell, USA Today Bestselling author of the Raven Trilogy

“The author has a real gift for bringing a real down home feel to both her characters and her story…a story that can make you laugh and put a lump in your throat at the same time…” – Coffee Time Romance

The Braddock Brotherhood were four stand-alone contemporary romances originally published by Samhain Publishing. The heroes, although not all blood-related, are connected to each other through the heroines. Single dad Rick Braddock’s story began in A Month From Miami, followed by his twin brother Ray’s story of finding Hayley in A Forever Kind of Guy. Hayley’s ex-husband, Trey, is redeemed with his own story in Book Three, The First Time Again. And  the fourth book, What A Rich Woman Wants, tells Niko and Lesley’s story. The all will soon be re-released, so please be patient!


Screwball Fantasy

Written by Barbara’s alter ego AJ Tillock 

I highly recommend you read The Forbidden Bean as it is the first in the GRINDING REALITY Series. Book Two, COOL BEANS, picks up where The Forbidden Bean concludes.  These books combine a bit of romance, suspense, and fantasy with a dangerous coffee bean addiction, which takes readers for a crazy ride they won’t soon forget. Click the covers for more information!

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